It would be wrong to say Hurstpierpoint Society is opposed to all change. Hurstpierpoint, despite having a history stretching back to the Bronze Age, is a village that refuses to be stuck in the past. However, conservation is an important part of our past and present work.




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Hurstpierpoint Conservation Areas Appraisal


Hurstpierpoint Society has produced the Hurstpierpoint Conservation Areas Appraisal in order to clearly identify what qualities make the three separate areas special and how these qualities can be preserved and enhanced.


The document identifies the elements that contribute to the special historic and architectural character of the conservation areas and those features that detract from it. The document details various Management proposals, including a series of recommendations to preserve and enhance the area and also proposes changes to the boundaries of each of the conservations areas.


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Flora and Fauna


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The Society is a keen believer in the conservation work of the Woodland, Fauna and Flora Group. The latest project we are proud to support is the provision of 28 owl nesting boxes in the woodland around Hurstpierpoint.


An important aspect of the huge biodiversity study this group is undertaking is to identify areas of officially designated ancient woodland. After recent survey work, Mid Sussex District Council has now agreed to designate all woodland in Hurstpierpoint as semi natural ancient woodland.