This year the Society celebrates its 60th anniversary. It was formed in February 1962. Since then it has done many things for the village, such as:

1. Introduced the Heritage Trail, in partnership with the Parish Council, attracting visitors to the village to support local business

2. Planted over 100 trees including the oak tree marking the 150th anniversary of the school

3. Given financial support to local projects – the school swimming pool, the Players Theatre, High Street Christmas lights, benches etc.

4. Supported the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan

5.Worked with Mid Sussex District Council making the Appraisal of the Conservation Areas a material planning consideration

6. Monitored all local planning applications, supporting some and opposing others, for example helping to retain the open land by College Lane

7. Supported the Parish Council in the management of Hurst Meadows

8. Purchased Ladies Walk in 2003 as a nature reserve and woodland to prevent new housing too close to the village

9. Produced maps of local footpaths (sold for £5 in the Village Centre)

10. Worked on projects relating to conservation and local heritage such as plaques to historic people, bollards on pavements to protect pedestrians, keeping swan neck designs for new street lights, participating in the Hurst Festival and St Lawrence Fair etc.

11. Made awards every year to house owners and builders for work matching the character and heritage of the village.

The Society raises funds through the Heritage Trail tours, selling maps, postcards and Christmas cards, but it is dependent on the subscriptions from local residents (£5 a year per household or £40 life membership). Those residents who join and support their village, donate a small amount to show their pride in our community.

Are you a member? If not, will you join us? 

See the Society’s website

Do you have suggestions on what the Society should do to mark its 60th anniversary?