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Hurstpierpoint Society (HS) has been working very hard, raising awareness, informing Members and responding to MSDC’s Review of their ‘Strategic’ District Plan. Below, in chronological order, are links to the relevant articles published in our Newsletters. We also publish our two responses to this process. Technically known as ‘representations to the ‘Regulation 18’, and ‘Regulation 19″ process, The Society are putting up a pretty strong argument to ‘help’ the District consider a more sustainable Plan that respects the past, and embraces our future.

HS Newsletter – article from Autumn/Winter 2022

HS Newsletter – article from Spring/Summer 2023

HS Submission to MSDC – Regulation 18

HS Newsletter – article from Autumn/Winter 2023

Latest Submission:

HS Submission to MSDC – Regulation 19
HS Documents provided supporting submission:
Traffic Report
Associated Data

We now await The Government’s Inspector’s public examination.
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